MARCH 2023
    We've been saying we should go to Hawaii ever since we moved to LA, since it's relatively close. We finally pulled the trigger on tickets to celebrate Kaitlyn's 30th. Stepping out of the airport in Oahu, an immediate feeling of the stereotypical Hawaiian relaxation gently greeted us on our walk to rent our Chevy Spark. We took one last envious glance at a couple renting a Jeep and puttered out of the parking lot. 
    As we merged onto the quaint highway, the view revealed vast verdant mountain ranges towering over the city of Honolulu, with dense patches of stormy clouds intermingling with it's peaks. After a few moments of awe inspired silence, we remarked on how similar the architecture seemed to Japan, and then remembered how influential the country has been, perhaps only second to the US, to the history of the islands. 
    Rolling off the exit to Waikiki, we decided the first order of business was securing some spam musubi, and Kaitlyn had done some research and set our maps to a tiny shop right near the beach with pre-made bento boxes. We scooped up the snacks and headed for the beach, walking down an alleyway of hundreds of surf boards to a gateway of palm trees which revealed the glorious, glistening teal beach. Hundreds of people dotted the expanse of sand, but the vibes were quiet and relaxed. A catamaran with it's captain advertising cruises, sit beached, gently swaying in the waves.
    We scarfed our spam and went to sample the surf. Flawless. Warm and sparkling, the sand soft and comforting on the feet, we sank into the shallow water and chilled for a good while. More to come... 
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